‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me’ Airs in PH Via iWant TV

A cold and heartless man struggles to find a cure for his personality disorder, while his alter ego struggles to stay present in his body and falls in love with the woman he despises in the romantic-comedy series “Hyde, Jekyll, and Me” airing exclusively online via iWant TV.

Goo Seo-jin (Hyun Bin), president and CEO of popular theme park Wonder Land, has been struggling his whole life with DID or dissociative identity disorder. Whenever his heart rate exceeds 150, his other personality, Robin, emerges. Unlike Seo-jin, Robin is kind, gentle, and has a savior complex.

One day Seo-jin meets Hanna (Han Ji-min), the daughter of Wonder Land’s former circus master who will make his heart beat really fast. Hanna, who just came from Las Vegas after training with Cirque Du Soleil, is on a mission to save the failing circus and bring back its glory especially after Seo-jin ordered to kick them out of Wonder Land due to poor performances and low ticket sales.

After many attempts to convince Seo-jin to reconsider, desperate Hanna follows him to a hospital where he is supposed to meet Dr. Kang, a doctor who has the cure to his condition. Little did Hanna know, however, that things are about to get messy and she will become a sole witness to a crime after Dr. Kang suddenly went missing.

Now, Seo-jin must work with Hanna and protect her form the mysterious bad guy. Will the two get along? How will they solve the mystery behind Dr. Kang’s disappearance? What will happen when Seo-jin grows for feelings for Hanna? What if Hanna, on the other hand, has feelings for Robin?

Follow the 2015 South Korean television series, which is based on Lee Choong-ho’s webtoon “Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde,” online exclusively via iWant TV alongside other Korean dramas such as “Signal,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Sensory Couple,” and “Emergency Couple” by logging on to and go to the Kapamilya Asianovelas section.
iWant TV, an over-the-top content platform, is among the growing digital properties of ABS-CBN as it fast transitions into an agile digital company as it delivers content online to meet the new viewing habits of Filipinos.

ABS-CBN, home to the Philippines’ top-rating TV programs, box-office films, and best-selling books and music, is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company and continues to expand its services and businesses to address the different needs of Filipinos worldwide.

It continues to be of service to 36 million digital Filipinos both here and abroad by providing content covering relevant topics in news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle on its company media website

Don’t miss new episodes of “Hyde, Jekyll, and Me” uploaded every week on iWant TV. The award-winning Koreanovela also airs on digital television via ABS-CBN TVplus’ Cine Mo (ch 3), Sundays at 1 PM.

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