Why Men Should Also Take Care of their Emotional Health

Men are also humans—and humans are allowed to feel something. Feel pain, joy, happiness, sadness. Men need to cry and be angry just as women do. According to studies, 90% of men’s population suppresses their feelings because they need to “act manly” or society expects a different side of them. Men are always stereotyped and that’s not healthy at all!

80% of the time, men die of heart attack because of supressing their feelings and not meeting their emotional needs. So here are some helpful tips on how a man can be emotionally healthy without even noticing it.

• Remember that it’s okay to laugh and cry. Do not supress your feelings, it’s the 21st century and everyone is all for “gender equality” now which means stereotypes are so yesteryears!

• Read as much as you can. Reading stimulates your emotions and it could help it understanding how you feel, what you feel.

• Handle stress wisely. Do not rage or resort to things that you believe will just absorb your emotions. Go to the gym, run or meet your sexual needs! It’s a great stress reliever.

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