Cinemo Screens 5 Movies to Celebrate Dolphy’s Birthday

Catch Dolphy in his most tender and funniest moments as captured in 5 movies that CineMo screens from July 24 to 28 to celebrate the King of Comedy’s birthday month. 

With a career that spans the second world war up to the turn of the century, Dolphy brought to Filipinos some of the most iconic movies, where he brought to life a wide range of characters from the everyday man John in “John en Marsha” to transvestite comfort woman Walterina Markova in “Markova: Comfort Gay.”

Here are the 5 movies you cannot miss:

1. Action is not Missing (July 24, 3 PM)

“Action is not Missing” is about group of Filipino soldiers in the Vietnam War on a mission to rescue another group of Pinoy soldiers. Dolphy is a hoot in this action-comedy as a soldier who always hits his mark but seems to constantly find himself in wacky situations. 

2. Home Along Da Riles 1 (July 25, 3 PM)

Dolphy portrays an everyday man character, Kevin Cosme in “Home Along Da Riles.” The sitcom was so successful that two movie versions of the show were made. In “Home Along Da Riles 1” the Cosme family must outsmart a dirty governor and his goons to keep their family safe.

3. Wanted Perfect Father (July 26, 3 PM)

In “Wanted: Perfect Father,” Dolphy plays an insurance agent who pretends to be a female nurse to be able to take care of his son after being thought dead. The range of Dolphy’s acting is explored whenever he takes on gender-breaking roles such as this, Walterina Markova, and Facifica Falayfay. 

4. Balimbing (July 27, 3 PM)

Dolphy is Pipoy Dudularutin, a man with a past, who finds himself in silly situations while trying to get by. He teams up with a young Richard Gomez to bring the laughs and challenge the corrupt mayor of a small town played by Panchito, another acting legend. Pipoy wins the election and the hearts of the townspeople.

5. Father en Son (July 28, 3 PM)

“Father en Son” is a heartwarming story about a dad who works hard to provide for his son after they are abandoned by the boy’s mother. Johnny and Bimbo are played by Dolphy and his real life son, Vandolph. The rags to riches story of Johnny and Bimbo are made complicated by the arrival of Bimbo’s mother. The movie ends with the father and son being reunited and the forgiveness of the mother.

These movies will be available on CineMo, an all-day movie channel on ABS-CBN TVplus. For only P1499 one time payment, TVplus users can enjoy its free channels Cinemo, Yey, Knowledge Channel and DZMM Teleradyo. ABS-CBN TVplus is available in Bacolod, Benguet, Bulacan, Cagayan De Oro, Cavite, Metro Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Metro Manila, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Rizal, Tarlac.

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