‘Bet on Your Baby’ Changes Lives of its ‘Babynaryos’

“Bet On Your Baby” is not just a game show that gives cute toddlers an opportunity to play, have fun, and bond with their parents, but it also gives them a chance to change their lives forever when they emerge as instant baby millionaires or “Babynaryos.”

Just like what happened to Baby Andot and the Icapin family, who used to live under a bridge in Navotas.

Despite having doubts at first, the family still tried their luck to audition and managed to get through the screening. Using borrowed clothes from their neighbors, they then played the game and went home with their very own house and lot.

“We could barely sleep because it felt as if we were dreaming when we won the house and lot. It definitely changed our lives. We now have our own tricycle as well,” said mother Badet.

It was a different story for Baby Hans and the Apuhin family who were given hope for a brighter future after they won P1 million.

“I will never in my lifetime earn the amount we won in the show. Because of it, we were able to put up our own computer shop. We are very blessed to have our own business now and start building bigger dreams for our family,” said mother Queen.

Aside from having their own computer shop, the Apuhins also donated some portion of their winnings to their church and made some investments for baby Hans’ future. Father Roldan is also currently studying auto mechanic in hopes of having more opportunities to provide for his family.

Meanwhile, no amount of money can buy what the Arvesu family got after winning a house and lot from the program. For many years, baby Hannah’s mother has been working in Taiwan to provide for their need and to save money so that they can build their own house.

“Having our own house and lot used to be a distant dream. Our lives really changed big time and finally my wife doesn’t need to work overseas anymore,” said father Peejay.

“Bet On Your Baby’s” newest season was warmly received by viewers and instantly scored national TV ratings of 15.1% and 11.7% during its pilot telecasts last Saturday (May 13) and Sunday (May 14), compared to its rival programs’ 11.8% and 9.7%, according to data from Kantar Media.

The show already welcomed its first Babynaryo this season— Baby Mela of Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros. Who will follow her footsteps and become the next millionaire?

Don’t miss “Bet On Your Baby,” hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, every Saturday, 5:15PM, and Sunday, 5PM on the game show capital of the Philippines, ABS-CBN. For updates, like or follow @betonyourbabyph on Twitter and Instagram.

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