‘Wildflower’ Opens 2nd Season with New All-Time High National TV Rating

“Wildflower” once again hit a new all-time high national TV rating last Monday (May 29) just as the ABS-CBN series started its second season, which promises viewers a ‘wilder’ viewing experience.

According to data from Kantar Media, “Wildflower” hit 25% in nationwide TV ratings compared to its rival program that only go 15.2%. The show also won its timeslot in total urban and rural Philippines, Mega Manila, and Metro Manila In the said episode, viewers were captivated by the intense encounter between Arnaldo (RK Bagasting) and nanay Carlota (Anna Abad Santos) as well as Ivy’s very emotional moment when she found Carlota’s body lifeless.

“Wildflower” is one of the most watched series on primetime today. When asked what paved the way for the show’s success, business unit head Ruel Bayani said, “It’s really the story, the great ensemble work of the cast headed by Maja Salvador, and the teamwork of our directors, staff, and crew.”

“We are just as excited and challenged to take this wildest journey with our audience and make it something we will all enjoy and learn from,” he added.

Meanwhile, lead star Maja Salvador is very thankful for the support viewers have given the program.

“We would like thank our viewers for the love and support they have given us in our first season. This second season, we promise to give your wilder revelations and wilder plot twists. We hope you continue loving and supporting us,” Maja said in an interview with Jeff Fernando of ABS-CBN News.

Things will definitely get wilder as tension rises even higher. With Nay Carlota’s death, Ivy is further motivated to put the Ardientes down. What will Ivy do to give justice to Carlota?

There is also no stopping Diego (Joseph Marco) from running for governor of Poblacion Ardiente against his brother Arnaldo. Will he win this battle or will he get played by his own family?

When it comes to love, will Arnaldo finally fall into Ivy’s bait? Will Diego set aside his feeling for Ivy to heed the call of service?
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