Awaited Teleserye Moments, Classic Movies Lead iWanTV Lineup for the Long Weekend

The most awaited television events last week—The Greatest Love finale and new episodes of teleserye Pusong Ligaw—and 80s classic movie Working Girls lead the line-up of features that are now on iWant TV for your binge-watching pleasure this weekend.

Catch up on “The Greatest Love” finale this week and revisit its past episodes. The finale pays tribute to Gloria, who raised her kids and spoiled them despite an unhappy marriage and various setbacks. As the horrors of Alzheimer’s take over Gloria’s personality, her children are forced to realize that time is limited, and they have to try to make up for lost time before it’s too late. As they go through this journey together, they discover the real power of love and learn how to mend relationships and forgive past grudges.

Meanwhile, you can also catch “Pusong Ligaw,” which stars Beauty Gonzales and Bianca King, who play best friends Tessa and Marga. Tessa (Gonzales) is an aspiring designer, and Marga (King) is a barrio beauty queen. As the two women go their separate ways to pursue their dreams, their friendship also gets tested when a Caloy (Joem Bascon) comes between them. Years later, they’re given a chance to correct their past when Vida (Sofia Andres), a young aspiring designer, meets Potpot (Diego Loyzaga). Find out if love and dreams can fix past wrongs.

In between or after watching the teleseryes, get the family or barkada to catch some timeless classics about working women in time for Labor Day.

“Working Girls,” a classic movie from 1984 celebrates the triumphs, struggles, and everyday lives of women in the corporate world, decades before the idea of girl bosses became a thing. “Working Girls,” directed by the legendary Ishmael Bernal, stars Hilda Coronel, Carmi Martin, and Gina Pareno, among others. It’s a witty, smart, and modern approach to depicting the lives of employees at a bank in the early days of Makati. It clearly portrays women as equals to men while poking fun at gender stereotypes—whether professionally, financially, or sexually—and the movie satirically debunks the usual portrayals of traditional women.

“Migrante” stars Jodi Sta. Maria as an OFW who killed her employer while trying to escape his sexual advances. Get a glimpse into the plight of the OFWs as she turns to her kababayans for help and support in this movie-documentary that tackles the Filipino struggle to make it abroad and provide for their families back home.

As you await Sharon Cuneta’s big screen comeback, watch the Megastar in “Caregiver,” a movie about family and sacrifices. Sarah (Sharon Cuneta) is married to a domineering man (John Estrada), and for the sake of keeping their marriage intact, leaves her teaching career to be a caregiver in London. As she struggles with her newfound career, she gains some perspective and learns to appreciate herself and stop being bullied by her husband. She grows to appreciate her new path in life and finally begins to work for her own future.

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