SOCO Celebrates 11 Years of Helping Bring Justice to Filipino Families

For Filipinos, the safety and security of their loved ones is a top priority. When these are compromised because of the evil doings of other people, expect them to do their best to bring justice to their family members.

For 11 years, the ABS-CBN current affairs program “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” has taken part in seeking and attaining justice for Filipinos families. Through bringing to life the stories behind the crimes, the show has helped parents, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, and relatives move on, while also educating the general public on how to prevent crime from happening to their own loved ones.

Leading the way in this crusade for justice is SOCO anchor Gus Abelgas, an icon in crime news reporting in the Philippines.

“Crimes happen 24/7, walang oras na pinipili. At first, we just did this to inform the public, but as time went on, people eventually started coming to me in the program, asking for help, and I find out that they are cold cases, so I said, why not?” said Abelgas, who also shared that the program has helped convict several criminals.

“The legacy of “SOCO” is having these criminals confess to us, giving the courts evidence to pursue the closure of these cold cases and bring justice to those who deserve it,” he said.

In the program’s anniversary month this November, Abelgas uses his decades of experience to present four stories of crime that will open the eyes and mind of Filipinos to the threats and dangers in the society.

This Saturday (November 19), the program tackles a bus hostage situation in 2011, wherein policeman SPO1 Eduard Santiago risked his life to avert the crisis and save the innocent. On November 26, “SOCO” revisits a 2002 jewelry shop heist that was perpetuated by 13 suspects who claimed to be part of military, and which ended in a bloody shootout.

The program also featured the 1999 explosion in a dance event in Albay that took the lives of many people, and the case of a 8-year-old girl that was raped in the cemetery, earlier this month.

A first of its kind TV program based on real-life police investigation, “SOCO” has also proven to be able to evolve with the changing demands and tastes of the viewers. It’s current docu-drama format was an instant hit when it first came out years ago, and it has forced competing programs to adjust. Its consistent high rating on its timeslot and the numerous awards it has received are also indication of the support and appreciation of Filipinos for the long-running show.

Abelgas credits the program’s longevity to the passion of the people working behind-the-scenes. Together with him, they also hold a series of crime prevention seminars in the hope of helping Filipinos protect their families; and “SOCOFEST,” where they share their experiences and knowledge to mass communication students.

“Each individual on the “SOCO” team strives to dig through the details of each case that we tackle, exerting our collective efforts to try and help these grieving and hurting families stand up and pursue justice in the memory of their lost loved ones. We tell the story of the crime and we make sure that, in the service of the Filipino family, we will ensure that we will not tire of this crusade,” Abelgas said.

Catch “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” hosted by Gus Abelgas every Saturday after “Ipaglaban Mo” on ABS-CBN. You may also watch it on Follow “SOCOtv” on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the show.

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  1. paano magiging number 1 ang GMA kung hindi nga kayang mag-broadcast ng GMA outside mega-manila, kailangan pa ng GMA ang sebisyo ng Sky Cable at Destiny Cable na subsidiary ng ABS-CBN, at ng Cignal ng PLDT na owner din ng TV5, para mapanood ang mga shows ng GMA sa Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao tapos ang yabang pa ng GMA na sabihing number 1 sila…kahiya naman. Ano kaya ang mangyari sa GMA kung tanggalin ng Sky, Destiny at Cignal sa kanilang bundle ang mga shows ng GMA, sigurado nganga

  2. melasong naglason // November 18, 2016 at 7:33 am //

    Lipas na kau SOKO ng ABIASCBN., ALDUB at GMA na ang ckat at nangunguna ngaun sa Entire Universe..hahahaha

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