Top 20 Celebrity Artworks That Will Amaze You

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Several Filipino artists created amazing artworks of today’s brightest celebrities that can be shared by the fans. These talented individuals express their love to the actors and actresses that they look up to through their work of art generously published on social media.Here’s a compilation of our favorites!

kath-and-djArtwork by Ruangeli Calaguan

liza-soberanoArtwork by Marck Abias

nadz-lustreArtwork by Ruangeli Calaguan

janella-salvadorArtwork by Jeicore

kathryn-bernardo-and-daniel-padillaArtwork by Marck Abias

maine-mendoza-2Artwork by Jeicore

kathryn-bernardo-and-daniel-padillaArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñes

sarah-geronimoArtwork by Marck Abias

nadzArtwork by Jeicore

nadine-lustreArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñes

maris-racasArtwork by Jeicore

maine-mendozaArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñes

lauren-reidArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñeskath-bernardoArtwork by Ruangeli Calaguan

jc-santos-and-nadine-lustreArtwork by Jeicore

james-reid-and-nadine-lustreArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñes

jadineArtwork by Jeicore

james-reidArtwork by Kent Harley R. Oñes

elisse-josonArtwork by Ruangeli Calaguan

anne-curtisArtwork by Jeicore

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