Karen Davila Features the Best Halo-Halo in the Country

Summer is here and what better way to cool down than with a tall glass of halo-halo? Karen Davila makes a pilgrimage to Onyang’s Sweet Products on “My Puhunan” this Tuesday (March 29) on ABS-CBN to know more about the country’s all-time favorite summer dessert.

Halo Halo

The veteran broadcast journalist visits Joy and Manny Marcella in their sweet kingdom at Onyang’s where halo-halo supplies used by stores all over the country come from.

Joy and Manny never had it easy. Before they were able to put up a halo-halo stand, they had to make do with meager income from selling cassava cakes. Bad luck struck the couple when Manny incurred a knee injury in his time as a seaman, but thankfully, that turned the tables as the payment he received for his injury was more than enough for them as a capital to build their humble empire.

Another featured business is a burger joint along Lagro, Quezon City that is slowly gaining track in popularity outside its immediate area. Roadside Burgers has been making noise with its own creations and customizable burgers and “My Puhunan” gets to try the patties that have been gathering rave reviews.

Find out how they have established their businesses and earn ideas on new sources of income with Karen Davila in “My Puhunan,” every Tuesday (March 29), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. For updates, visit and follow

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