Robin Padilla Hosts Newest ABS-CBN Game Show ‘Game ng Bayan’

It’s a whole new ‘bayanihan’ experience as members of the barangay unite for one common goal— to win the jackpot that will help their community— in ABS-CBN’s newest game show “Game ng Bayan,” which premieres this Monday (Mar 7) on Kapamilya Gold.

Game ng Bayan

Hosted by the “Idol ng Bayan,” Robin Padilla, with the “Tol ng Bayan,” Alex Gonzaga, the show involves one hundred members of the community who are given a random challenge for a chance to win an identified need of the community such as renovation of daycare centers or basketball courts, light posts, etc.

Joining the hosts are “Tropa ng Bayan” composed of Eric Nicolas, MJ Lastimosa and Negi, who will guide contestants to become local heroes in their community.

“Game ng Bayan” begins with six individuals from a chosen barangay competing in the “Ang Dami Mong Alam” round, where they will be asked a question with multiple answers. Elimination occurs when a contestant answers incorrectly, when a contestant repeats an answer, and when all possible answers have been exhausted. In this round, only three will remain to move on to the next round, which is “Buksan ang Plato.”

Robin and Alex

In “Buksan ang Plato,” the remaining three contestants will take turns in opening numbered plates and must get three which says “Yehey” under it. In this round, they will be joined by their family or friends to help them make the crucial decision of which plates to open. The first contestant who successfully reveals three “Yeheys” goes through to the next round.

In the jackpot round, one hundred members of the community join the contestant as they work together to accomplish a task that will only be revealed before the round begins. Unity and teamwork will be the only way for the community to win their chosen jackpot prize.

Robin Padilla Game ng Bayan

Winning barangays from Monday to Thursday will then compete with each other by Friday to determine the best barangay for the week.

“Game ng Bayan” is an original concept by ABS-CBN.

Catch all the fun and excitement of “Game ng Bayan” premiering this Monday (Mar 7) after “And I Love You So” on ABS-CBN.

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    nagmumug ako ng Zorox mabaho ang bibig ko

  4. Oh Binoi Robin Padilla..bisaklutin muna ng mga daliri mo ang FUKI ko..sarap tikman ng muscle mo…

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