4th Impact Survive Double Elimination but Seann Miley Moore Doesn’t in ‘The X Factor UK’

“The X Factor UK” held another double elimination on Sunday, November 8 (Monday morning in Manila) to give way to the airing of the World Cup in December and the result became a shocker as Filipino-Aussie Seann Miley Moore got the boot.

4th Impact and Seann

Seann was touted by the judges as one of the better singers in the competition, and the most unique artist at that. Apparently, the voting public just didn’t get him, the male “Lady Gaga” getup and all. And his elimination was a shocker.

Kiera Weathers went home too, but that’s a little expected. She got the lowest number of votes.

Mason Noise and Seann Miley Moore sang for their survival leaving the judges voting 2/2 resulting to deadlock. The audience voted for Noise to stay and Moore to go home.

The good news: our very own 4th Impact survived this double elimination and was the first act to be declared safe. They will return next week for the 3rd live show with 8 other remaining contestants in the competition.

By the way, did you know that Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan is rooting for them?

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