WATCH: Cyrus Villanueva Gets Another Full House Standing Ovation and Extended Applause in ‘X Factor Australia’

We’ve been amazed by Cyrus Villanueva’s take on Adele earlier this week but what we haven’t seen was the full standing ovation of the judges, their rave reviews, the extended applause by the live audience to his “X Factor Australia” Top 7 performance, and his mentor Chris Isaak who shed some tears for him.

Cyrus Rumour Has It

Judges Thoughts:

Guy Sebastian said “What happened last week was a random moment for you and I think everyone was shocked because that’s what we’re used to. You know there were moments in that performance that there was a spotlight shining on you and you’re just dancing in that light and I felt like I was watching something special and that’s what it’s about you know? We want to feel like we’re watching a superstar and you owned it, that was a massive comeback, you’re a star!”

James Blunt said “In rock week I thought you lacked punch and I was hoping for a little bit of energy this week and you chose Adele, a girl song, damn it, it’s the one Adele song that I usually skip over, but you know what? You stepped out from the stage and your voice was immaculate I can tell it that you worked like a little demon on that but also you’ve got charisma, you moved accross that stage, you are a pop star ‘move it Justin Bieber!'”

Dannii Minogue said “Oh man, that’s what I’m thinking, pop star. I mean you deliver such different performances, the vocals are there and do pop stars make mistakes and have some bad days just like last week? Yes of course! I mean you’re human. This is a really tough gig, this, but boy something shine that off you when you perform.”

Chris Isaak was overwhelmed with tears.

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