Nips’ Pop Fest 2015 Celebrates the Young and the Talented in TriNoMa


Jack N’ Jill’s NIPS, the famed colorful candy-coated chocolate brand, recently celebrated the young and talented youth of today with its Nips Pop Fest 2015. The said activity culminated with a bang as it was filled with various games, booths, and performances by Itchyworms at Trinoma Mall’s Cinema lobby last weekend.

Nips Pop Fest

During the event, NIPS awarded special prizes to the winners of the HaNIPS music video-making contest, where young creative minds added a twist to Nips well-known jingle and showed their visual interpretation of the song.

Nips Pop Fest 2

For the top prize, 24-year old Kharleigh Macapagal’s RAINBOW CONNECTION video won the PinakaHaNips (best overall music video), and took home the cash money of P 100,000. Her video also won P 50,000 for special awards the HaNIPS with Nips (Best Use of Nips Products) and HaNIPS sa video (Best in Video Execution).

Nips Pop Fest 3

According to Macapagal, she “focused on the personality of Nips and how it brings color to any situation anytime, anywhere.”

She further expounded by pointing out that “even the whole process of brainstorming and producing the video and jingle, it was really like Nips – pure, unadulterated fun with my siblings and cousins who helped me get things done.”

Nips Pop Fest 4

Macapagal’s video was created on a quiet day at the beach with nature doing its own magic, unleashing its own array of colors.

Aside from Macapagal’s RAINBOW CONNECTION, the next close contender was the LET’S MAKE A RAINBOW video by Alvin Cabalhug, whose video and jingle highlighted love and friendship when sharing a bag of Nips. Cabalhug won P 50,000 for winning the special awards HaNIPs sa Song ) Best in Musical Score) and HaNIPS sa lyrics (Best in Lyrics).

Nips Pop Fest 5

“I am really grateful that my entry is being recognized. Song-writing and filmmaking are really my hobbies, and these have been great avenues for me to showcase my skills,” Cabalhug said.

Also during the NIPS Pop Fest 2015, was the hip catwalk with SoFA Design Institute where students showcased their designing prowess with the NIPS T-shirt Design Contest.

Nips Pop Fest 6

Equally entertaining during the event were the side attractions during the event where attendees explored face paining booth, free-for-all coloring wall where they can fill the exciting patterns, treat carts with happy snacks, the Slo Mo booth where people can take wacky slow motion videos of themselves with matching props and confetti. Mallgoers received a special NIPS premium items after they visited all booths.

Nips Pop Fest 7

“Jack ‘n Jill NIPS continues to create and innovate to give more pops ofo joy to its consumers,” says URC Marketing Director for Confectionery Jane Bernardo. “With NIPS, there are more ways to bring out one’s playful side with activities such as the NIPS Pop Fest 2015.”

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