Flawless Unleashes ‘Beauty Takeoff’ Promo


Flawless, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, encourages men and women to embark on a journey to reach their beauty goals with their much awaited midyear promo—Flawless Beauty Takeoff.

The Flawless Beauty Takeoff makes it easier for anyone to achieve their dream skin and body, especially with Flawless’ most sought-after services packaged at a 3+2 deal. These services vary from their best selling services, like Facials and Platinum Peel, including advanced ones, such as Jetfill, Mesolipo and Skinfusion, to address each person’s aesthetic concern.

”We want our clients to dare look their best, to desire flawlessness because it’s attainable,” says Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “However, this beautiful transformation won’t happen in a snap of a finger, it’s a journey you go through hand in hand with Flawless to achieve your desired results. And so, we bring you Flawless Beauty Takeoff.”

From June 12 to August 31, 2015, select Flawless services will be tagged at a 3+2 offer. By booking 3 sessions of a choice service, clients will instantly get 2 more free, which they can redeem until October 31. The best part is, sessions are transferable so family and friends can share the chosen service to start their Flawless Journey.

Make way to a more beautiful, flawless you! To know more about the Beauty Takeoff promo and how to reach your beauty goals, visit a Flawless clinic near you for a free doctor consultation.

You can track the hashtag #FlawlessBeautyTakeoff for updates and conversations about this exciting promo.

Beauty Take Off

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