Edward Mendez and Marvelous Alejo Star in #WattpadPresents ‘Said I Loved You’

SAid I Love You

Hunk actor Edward Mendez is being paired with Artista Academy alum Marvelous Alejo in this week’s “Wattpad Presents” titled “Said I Loved You.” Based from the Wattpad novel by Pajama Addict, this episode tells the story of a girl named Lee Ann (Marvelous) who has been in love with Nikolai (Edward) since she was eight years old until she turned 17. But a number of girls are wooing Nikolai so she decided to move on. But Nikolai started to notice her and develop feelings for her.

Don’t miss “Said I Loved You” weeknights at 9:00pm on TV5 before “Baker King.”

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