Accident at Crocodile Show in Thailand will Shock You (Video)

Crocodile Bites Man's Head

Thailand has been one of the favorite destinations of tourists around the world because of the things that you can never see anywhere else. Just like this Crocodile Show in Samut Prakan where an accident shocked a number of spectators.

One ordinary day at a popular crocodile farm, two trainers are performing a dangerous encounter with the humongous reptile. One is holding the tail while the other one is near on the most dangerous end of the animal, the head. He shows the audience first the noise a crocodile makes when it makes a bite. The crowd was stunned.

Then the show moves forward to the most exciting part. He utters a silent prayer first, as if he’s whispering to the croc begging it not to bite him. And then he attempts to enter his head in the reptile’s open jaw. Unfortunately, the croc bites his head and the audience, including the announcer, get the shock of their lives.

Watch this video here and try not to scream:

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