Up-and-Coming Vacation Spot Borawan Gets Featured on ‘TNT’


Before the end of the summer season, broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna visits Borawan beach, an up-and-coming vacation spot in Padre Burgos, Quezon to examine what the place has to offer and how tourism uplifts the lives of the local residents tomorrow (May 29) in “Tapatan ni Tunying.” Coined from the names of two top Philippine getaways, Borawan is known for its white sand beach compared with Boracay and the huge rock formations similar to that of Palawan. With the arrival of tourists, long-time resident Precy and her family found additional sources of income. Her husband, Pando, uses his fishing boat to ferry visitors to and from the island while she assists at the resort’s canteen during the peak season. Meanwhile, Joel, who used to be a former dynamite fisherman, has now found better means of living with the advent of tourism in his town and has learned to take care of the environment that provides him with his livelihood. Aside from bringing tourists to and from Borawan, he also scours the beach in his free time, collecting discarded plastic bottles and other junk items he could sell. Watch “Tapatan ni Tunying” tomorrow (May 29), 4:30 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For updates, follow the programs social media accounts,, and

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