Solenn Heussaff and Iya Villania Compete in #NonStopDubsmash (Video)

Sollenn and Iya

Remember the “riff-off” game from the hit movie “Pitch Perfect” where you need to choose a song that starts with the same word that was the last word sung in the challenger’s song and sing it? It’s now being played on social media using the latest online craze, Dubsmash!

“It Girl” Solenn Heusaff kicked-off this game by challenging her friend & “Taste Buddies” co-host Iya Villania. She recently uploaded a video of herself on Instagram belting out to Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music” using the dubbing app and in the caption she nominated Iya Villania, to connect to her song and post her own video.

Iya Villania accepted Solenn’s nomination and joined the Dubsmash bandwagon by posting a video of herself tackling the Taylor Swift pop hit “Shake It Off.” She also thanked her husband Drew Arellano for being her director and camera man.

Iya passed the ball to Solenn’s court with “Shake” as the last word from her song. Can Solenn think of a song that starts with the word “Shake” and trump Iya’s performance?

Follow Solenn and Iya’s Dubsmash challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #NonStopDubsmash and see who wins. You can also upload your own #NonStopDubsmash video by using the dubsmash app and challenge/nominate your friends to do the same.

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