Foreign Retirees and Expats Make PH their Second Home

The Philippines and its many attractions continue to invite tourists in the country. But for some foreigners, the Philippines is no longer just a travel destination—but a second home.

Today (April 17) in “Tapatan ni Tunying,” broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna speaks with two different retirees who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives in the Philippines and an expat who’s enjoying his stay in the country.

Norwegian Steiner Krogstad is married to a Filipino physical therapist. After a decade of working as supervisors in a clinic in Bahrain, the couple decided to move to the Philippines for good. Steiner is now one of almost 40,000 foreign retirees in the Philippines that made the country a retirement haven according to Forbes magazine.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi Trince Hossain is also married to a Filipina, Evelyn. His wife was his primary reason for leaving his native country to move to the Philippines. But eventually, Trince also discovered other attributes and values of the Filipinos that endeared him to his wife’s motherland.

“Sa Pilipino kapag mabait ka, mabait sa’yo lahat. ‘Pag salbahe ka, salbahe din. At saka Filipina kasi good, understanding, can adjust to everything. Kahit walang pera, walang problema at kahit may pera, no problem,” Trince says.

For his part, 25-year-old Russell is a natural traveler. In his young age, he has lived, studied and worked in different countries across different continents. In 2014, Russell arrived in the Philippine because of his job and has since enjoyed his stay in the country. In his short stay in the country, he says that he can see himself living in the Philippines for good. “I really don’t know what the future holds for me, but if it does come to that, is it something that I will consider? Yes!”

Watch “Tapatan ni Tunying” this afternoon (April 17), 4:30 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For updates, follow the programs social media accounts and

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