Velasco Brothers Make It to Asia’s Got Talent Semis (Video)

Philippine bet Velasco Brothers made it through the semi-finals of "Asia's Got Talent" despite an imperfect performance.

Velasco Brothers

Pilipinas Got Talent grand finalist–Velasco Brothers–performed an acrobatic street dance routine and received a standing ovation from the judges and audience despite an imperfect ending in their Asia’s Got Talent audition.

Melanie C said “I thought that was a great combination. It was quite unique. I loved the sense of fun as well.”

Vaness Wu said “That is what I’m talking about. I love how you guys are all brothers and related and you guys are doing it together. It’s a great sight to see.”

David Foster said “It was not a perfect performance and I personally think that there’s a better storyline that you can deliver at some point in this show if you get far enough, but I was really, really impressed.”

The Velasco Brothers were chosen as one of the Top 24 and will compete next week in the semi-finals of the world’s biggest talent contest.

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