‘Padilla Siblings’ Robin, Rommel and BB Gandanghari Join Forces in New TV5 Sitcom ‘2 ½ DADDIES’

TV5 gives viewers more than just two-and-a-half reasons to stay glued to their TV screens every Saturday evening as its much-anticipated and star-studded family sitcom, “2 ½ Daddies”, is set to finally invade weekend primetime television beginning this January 24 at 8:00PM.

2 and a half Daddies

The Kapatid Network’s new offering guarantees to give every family at home a laugh-out-loud bonding experience like no other, especially with the well-loved members of one of the most popular showbiz families in the country set to take center stage in the program. Just when everyone thought that the Padilla siblings – Robin, Rommel and BB Gandanghari – have already done everything throughout their respective colorful and intriguing showbiz careers, viewers will be in for a ‘triple treat’ as all three of them will now be sharing the limelight in a television sitcom for the very first time, finally putting any and all rumors about personal conflicts among them to rest.

Though their chemistry as siblings is mainly what makes “2 ½ Daddies” worth waiting for, the Padilla siblings will be further surprising viewers with their amusing rapport, hilarious camaraderie, and natural comedic chops – all to be highlighted in every scene they will share together.

In the sitcom, all three will be playing their real-life characters as brothers in the Pastoran household. Rommel Padilla (as Versikulo/ Ver) plays the eldest sibling of the three, who is very much known for his ‘salesman’ and charming ways especially with the ladies. Meanwhile, Robin (as Apostol/ Apol) plays the brawny and macho middle-child who is a good-natured raketero, putting the interest of his mother before everything else. And, the brother who is now a sister, BB (as Evangelo/Gelo and Eva), the youngest among the three whose colorful antics and flamboyant lifestyle is a far cry from how they were all raised by their strict mother and matron of the household – played by veteran actress Celia Rodriguez (as Mommy Vi), a former public school teacher who is now stricken with Alzheimer’s disease.

If that does not sound hysterically complicated enough, the siblings will then find themselves in a tricky situation when out of nowhere, a baby girl is left on their doorstep with a note saying that one of them is actually the baby’s father. Left with no choice but to raise the baby altogether, while at the same time juggling each other’s egos and respective lifestyles, “2 ½ Daddies” promises to deliver all the riotous fun and belly-aching laughter which viewers from all walks of life need every week.

Also joining the already decorated cast of “2 ½ Daddies” are timeless beauty Alice Dixson (as Kate) who plays the equally flashy rival of BB Gandanghari’s character, and comedians Dennis Padilla, Francine Prieto and Artista Academy’s Alberto Bruno.

6 Comments on ‘Padilla Siblings’ Robin, Rommel and BB Gandanghari Join Forces in New TV5 Sitcom ‘2 ½ DADDIES’

  1. geraldinedelosreyes // February 4, 2015 at 7:22 pm //

    di ako makapaniwa after so many year’s,,pinagsamasama lahat sa isang set ang mga idol ko , more2 power to tv5 & padilla’s brother !!

  2. arapmasyoninopor // January 25, 2015 at 12:55 am //

    I genuinely say that this will be the most brainer people who come up to think to make this series. I am here in US and this segment cannot be out of my daily schedule for the sequel was made so hilarious and very well thought out. good luck to all. very well done thinkers!!!!

  3. Break on January 24, 2015 // January 24, 2015 at 10:15 pm //

    nice to see them together

  4. Sosi on jan.24,2015 // January 24, 2015 at 10:13 pm //

    comedy siguro ito let s watch it

  5. ang magkakapatid na nagbati bati para kumita ng salapi…

  6. mukhang funny!

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