Video of Clueless Baby Who Gets Confused Over Twins Goes Viral

“Is it me? Or am I seeing double? Is this a joke? Are you kidding Me? What is this?” These and many things must have probably been going through little Landon’s head upon seeing these two equally charming and identical babies beside him.

Cute Baby

Landon, a toddler whose confused state is caught on cam via the video “Adorably confused baby meets twins” goes viral in youtube ever since it was uploaded in the net.

It is apparent, that something as simple but adorable such as the wonderment of a baby never seized to amaze anyone, and Landon’s video is no exception.

In this video, this child is being introduced to the concept of “identical twins”, however, it’s not as much as a walk in the ballpark as it seems as his simple, unsuspecting life is obviously rattled by what he sees beside him.

Imagine what have been going through this baby’s head when his little life gets a little complicated upon seeing these twins. We need wonder not, as his befuddled expression says it all! The way he looks from one child to another and straight to the camera and the people around him – is given, and we are subject to our own entertained expression.

Definitely a youtube runaway hit, watching the video alone would remind you of “Look Who’s Talking” Movie Series and probably you, yourself have voices of “Mikee” and the gang of the movies running through your mind while seeing this video.

On the downside though, some netizens didn’t seem to focus on the subject matter instead, they focused on the baby twin that was crying on the left side of Landon, wherein comments went from critiquing the entry’s videographer to just have picked up the baby instead of filming the said video and how to properly baby sit a kid.

Watch this viral video here:

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