Team Mag-ama Touches Hearts of Netizens in an Emotional Episode of ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’

Challenges in ‘The Amazing Race Philippines 2’ get tougher and more daunting as the six remaining teams move closer to the Race’s final pit stop.

Team Magama

Despite leading in the fifth week’s virtual pit stop and eventually winning the sixth week’s super-Leg, Team Mag-ama AJ and Jody Saliba dropped to the last spot as other teams conspired to work against them to catch up.

As the Race takes the teams from Cebu to Bohol, the father and son duo seemed to have lost their luck and struggled in finishing the challenges that came their way. And with four teams using the Yield card to further delay them, AJ and Jody’s chances to get closer to the pit stop became bleak. Still, they managed to catch up with team Nerds Vincent Yu and Ed Manguan, and team Mr. Pogi Kelvin Engles and JP Duray

Team Magama 3

Unfortunately, the final challenge, which required them to cross hammock trails between palm trees without failing, turned out to be the most difficult challenge of the week.

Team Chefs Eji Estillore and Roch Hernandez were first to finish the task after experiencing their share of painful falls. They eventually arrived first to the pit stop and won the PHP 200,000 pit stop cash prize from Rexona. Team Dating Couple Matthew Edwards and Phoebe Walker came in second, followed by team Magkapatid Jet and Yna Cruz who secured the third spot.

Kelvin was brought to tears after completing the painstaking task which earned team Mr. Pogi their right to the fourth spot, while the Nerds decided to give up the challenge and take a 90-minute penalty, hoping AJ’s old age would stop the 52-year-old father from completing the task.

After hours of agonizing and heartbreaking attempts, AJ still wasn’t able to finish the task. The Nerds finished their penalties and were able to get ahead of them, eventually securing the fifth and final safe spot for themselves. As if their series of unfortunate events was not enough, AJ suffered a sprain on his leg after an excruciating fall, which made Jody decide to plead for his father to stop and accept their loss.

Team Magama 2

With race master Derek waiting to announce team Mag-ama’s undeniable fate, even the Kapatid actor had difficulty holding back his tears after witnessing the father and son’s admirable determination and will to win. Netizens watching at home also expressed their high regard for AJ on social media, as they themselves were brought to tears by his resilience. To everyone’s surprise, Derek announced that it was a non-elimination leg and team Mag-ama still has a chance to redeem themselves.

With only two remaining weeks to go, teams are expected to now give everything they got as they face more challenges towards the final pit stop.

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