‘Wattpad Presents: Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody’ Returns this Monday By Popular Demand

Due to the overwhelming requests and positive feedback TV5 has been receiving, WATTPAD PRESENTS brings back the very popular TV adaptation of “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody”.

Miss Popular

Originally popularized and loved in the dynamic and interactive community of readers and writers in Wattpad, “Mr Popular meets Ms Nobody” is written by Pinkyjhewelii and has already reached more than 15 million reads. In this romantic-comedy story, Artista Academy scholar Mark Neumann plays the role of Kyle, the most popular guy in campus who falls head over heels in love with a very ordinary girl named Chelsea, who is portrayed by Mark’s fellow Artista Academy scholar, Shaira Mae Dela Cruz. Rediscover how a “Kamahalan” like Kyle slowly falls for the charms of the very naïve but strong-willed Chelsea, a virtual “nobody” in Kyle’s world of popularity.

WATTPAD PRESENTS’ “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody” also stars Lander Vera Perez, Shirley Fuentes, Carlos Morales, Diego Loyzaga, Pam Mendiola, Donnalyn Bartolome, Bryan Olano, Prince Justine Navarro, and veteran actress Perla Bautista.

Relive every “kilig” moment and fall in love with “Kamahalan” all over again as the much-requested replay of WATTPAD PRESENTS “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody” airs starting Monday, November 17, 9:30pm, only on TV5.

6 Comments on ‘Wattpad Presents: Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody’ Returns this Monday By Popular Demand

  1. Grabeh po comments nio respeto nmn.

  2. popular demand eh nilalangaw nga sa rating. waley na waley kay Queen Marian the best ever!

  3. Affected ka naman yuck eew. Magsulat ka nga ng story. Yung hindi cliche ha? Gusto ko, `yung wala pang katulad. Kaya mo?

  4. apektado ka masyado yuck/eewe. Sana gumawa ka man lang ng magkaibang username! Hahahaha.

  5. Kaumay n mga ganyang istorya

  6. stupid writers stupid promoters stupid media
    can’t think of new stories/concepts/ideas?

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