10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Janitor’

Aside from the fact the it received the highest grade of "A" from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB), find out 10 more reasons why you should watch "The Janitor," dubbed as the Pinoy action movie of the year!

The Janitor Movie Poster

10 Reasons why you should watch The Mike Tuviera’s The Janitor:

1. The Janitor is one of the most awarded films in the recently concluded Cinemalaya Film Festival.

2. The film stars two of the country’s most adorable leading men – Derek Ramsay and Dennis Trillo.

3. This is an ambitious and a perfect attempt to revive the police drama in the local film arena.

4. Derek Ramsay offers a refreshing treat as he plays his first “kontrabida” role on the big screen.

5. Philippine Cinema’s “Adonis” Mr. Richard Gomez plays a very special role in the film.

6. The film presents captivating performances from multi-awarded actors like Dante Rivero, Nicco Manalo and Irma Adlawan.

7. Mike Tuviera got a Best Director trophy for The Janitor.

8. The Janitor has a mind-blowing twist that the viewers would not love to miss.

9. The actors underwent training with a real mixed martial arts expert.

10. Curiosity – ever wonder why the movie is entitled The Janitor?

Watch the full trailer here:

“The Janitor” starring Dennis Trillo, Derek Ramsay and Richard Gomez is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

5 Comments on 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Janitor’

  1. Sige shabu pa…hahaha

  2. abscbnmobilesimFromPEP // October 13, 2014 at 2:30 am //

    Mas BLOCKBUSTER yan kung GMA FILMS ang nagrelease alam niyo naman ang GMA films na WORLDWIDE demography ang naabot nila..

  3. it is a good movie, but sadly it has lots of factual errors. The biggest rank for a city police director is colonel, not general. The incident happens in Laguna but the police officers wear Manila’s Finest! PDEA agents don’t wear PNP uniforms. etc.

  4. Briggs… it’s not about box-office, it’s an indie flick. But it has proven that not all that are touched by ABS-CBN turned to gold.

  5. flop

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