Celebrities Tweet ‘121’

The numbers "1-2-1" are all over social media. Now, even celebrities are tweeting the mysterious 3 digits!

What on earth is 121? Have you seen one on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

As for me, I think I saw more than 10 “121” posts today in different designs, colors, and what not. Even celebrities are tweeting it now! Check it out:

Luis Manzano

Maxene Magalona

Ramon Bautista

Their fans are asking but they did not give a single clue so far.

So what do you think is the meaning of “1-2-1”?

Is it…

a) the name of the position used in the newscaster’s video scandal?

b) the local version of 9-1-1, the emergency telephone number in the US?

c) the name of the new K-Pop boyband that will make all pinay fangirls go gaga?

d) the title of the next book-turned-movie after “Diary ng Panget” and “Talk Back and You’re Dead”?

e) the new dance craze that will make “wiggle wiggle” obsolete?

Can you help me solve this mystery? What do you think is this freakin’ “121”? Share your thoughts on the comments section below or tweet me on @starmometer your guess(es).

2 Comments on Celebrities Tweet ‘121’

  1. kabadingan n nman ng ebak!

  2. and what not… hahahaha. magamit lang e no. nice try Ed but nobody cares… and what not. LOL

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