Luke Jickain Reveals He Observed Total Abstinence for 40 Days

Luke Jickain admitted that he's allergic to sexy women because kinakati siya. However, he challenged himself to observe total abstinence for forty days and he succeeded! Check out his guesting on the Morgan Show on YouTube.

Luke Jickain

Welcome to the Morgan Show!

I did an interview with Luke Jickain a few months back but I didn’t have the time to actually sit down and write the article about him. Been really busy travelling and attending events that I’ve been becoming a little unfair to him.

Luke confessed during the interview that he was observing abstinence. He restraint himself from indulging to night-outs, drinking, sex and even masturbation. He wanted to achieve an inner peace by doing so and he did.

Luke has been in the industry for 13 years now. Most of those spent on modeling and doing campaigns for brands on tv, print and the runway.

He went to San Beda and studied Marketing and was discovered for Milo Commercial in 2001 while jogging. Luke believes he is more of an actor than a model. March of last year, he was included in TV5’s Boracay Bodies, followed by Misibis Bay and Madam Chairman then Beki Boxer which recently ended.


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