3 Cinema One Originals Films to be Screened at South Korean Film Festival

Three other Cinema One Originals films are breaking the borders of Philippine shores after receiving high acclaim and will be representing the Filipino independent film scene at the upcoming 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea.


Out to prove the diversity of current Cinema in the country are “Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na” (Leave it for Tomorrow for Night has Fallen), “Kabisera” (The Patriarch), and “Blue Bustamante,” which were part of the line-up of films in last year’s Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

“Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na” was a part of the Cinema One Originals Currents in 2013. After its screening, the film won Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the 9th Cinema One Originals Awards Night, took home a Script Development Grant from the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, and received excellent reviews from various Filipino film critics.

The film is a four-part narrative of three related occurrences during the time of the Martial Law crackdown against rebels. Stemming from tragic accidents, “Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na” reveals truths behind the controversial time and the fear that the country was paralyzed by—when families were torn apart, faith was turned into fanaticism, and civil society turned toward rebellion.

“Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na” features the talents of Raul Morit, Lemuel Silvestre, Maria Veronica Santiago, Hector Macaso, Jack Yabut, Dan de Guzman, Herald Gregory Chavez, Peewee O’Hara, Emlyn Olfindo Santos, Paolo Gomingo, Flor Salanga, Renerio Concepcion, Max Celada, Angelo Hulip, and Carlon Matobato.


“Kabisera,” which was directed by Borgy Torre, was part of the Cinema One Originals Plus category in the same year. It details the life of a fisherman who discovers the power to make his family’s dreams a reality—a power resting in the bag of crystal meth that he happened to stumble upon in the middle of the ocean. His racketeering best friend, a corrupt drug enforcement authority and his wife are all in to gain from it, changing the landscape of the entire town. However, chasing after a dream with such means brings them closer to fear, paranoia, suspicion, and perversion. Even with their aspirations coming true, the family could never be the same again.

“Blue Bustamante” was also part of the Cinema One Originals Plus category. Directed by Miko Livelo, it is about an Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan who is a dedicated father to his son and a loving husband to his wife. Unfortunately, he loses his job as an Engineer shortly after arriving in Japan. Choosing to keep his misfortune a secret from his family, he decides to search for a new job—and an odd turn of events lands him the chance of working as a stunt double for a Japanese Sentai TV show as a masked martial art spandex-suited superhero named Blue Force.

“Blue Bustamante” stars Joem Bascon, Jun Sabayton, Dimples Romana, and Jhiz Deocareza. It took home the award for Best Production Design at the Cinema One Originals Awards last year.

“Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na”, “Kabisera”, and “Blue Bustamante” were products of the Cinema One Originals Film Festival, brought to the Filipino audience annually by Cinema One. Cinema One is currently celebrating its second decade of being part of the lives of its audience. On its 20th anniversary, Cinema One is out to pay tribute to its supporters as a companion, a friend, a partner, and a family member.


The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival has presented the world’s diverse genre films over the years and has positioned itself as a major genre film festival. On its 18th edition, it has beefed up with diverse cultural events to embrace the public while maintaining its identity as a unique genre film festival that showcases the finest selection of films from all over the globe.

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