Discover Your Potential and Opportunity for Success in the Book ‘Believe You Can’ by John Mason

Bestselling author John Mason imparts to readers that believing in yourself is the first step to success via his book "Believe You Can: The Power of a Positive Attitude."

You were created to make a difference. You were created to live a unique and unlimited life. No one else is you, and no one else could be you.

So what holds you back from being all that God meant you to be? It’s buying into the lie that you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t achieve your dreams.

Bestselling author John Mason calls you to embrace a positive attitude so that you can reach your potential. His encouraging, challenging, and motivating nuggets of truth fill every page, including:

  • You have the potential and opportunity for success
  • Don’t let regrets replace your dreams
  • Dare reach beyond yourself
  • Excellence is never a surprise
  • Sometimes the more you do, the less you get done
  • And so much more!

Success in life is not an accident–but it’s not just dumb luck either. If you are ready to achieve positive results in your life, then Believe You Can!

This accessible book is both inspirational and practical, encouraging readers to approach life with optimism and the assurance that they are meant for great things.

Published by Lifebooks, “Believe You Can” is now available in all branches of National Bookstore (under Inspirational section), Powerbooks, Philippine Christian Bookstore and Fully Booked nationwide.

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