ChaCha Cañete Teams Up with David Remo in ‘Just 4 Kids’

Goin Bulilit's Cha-Cha Canete and Niño's David Remo teamed up in hosting the newest magazine show for children, “Just 4 Kids”, which airs every Sunday, 9:30 to 10:00am on GMA News TV.


“Just 4 Kids” is a 30-minute weekly magazine show for the young ones and the entire family and it aims to present various features that affect, interest, concern and educate children in a manner that is informative and at the same time, entertaining as well.

Joining ChaCha and David in the new show are Alaska Ironkids Triathlon champion Tara Borlain and Victor de Guzman, who at their young minds will all try to discover the purpose of life and what is it all about, as they feature different segments and topics for kids.

“Just 4 Kids” features kids’ various interests such as travel, sports, fashion, arts and culture, inspiring stories, role models, kid achievers, kids in businesses, events, and more-–segments that could help kids develop their potentials, be inspired, and be who they want to be when they grow up. The show is guided by a theme every week, wherein the topics featured revolve around the “word of the week” (e.g. mind, class, collection, learn etc).

All four kids are not only achievers in different fields, but all excelling scholastically as well. Cha-Cha and David are consistent honor students, while Tara has been twice accelerated already, and Victor scored a perfect grade of 100% in one of his subjects. All four kids are regular students in good schools which children could all relate to.

Don’t forget to watch “Just 4 Kids” every Sunday at 9:30am on GMA News TV.

2 Comments on ChaCha Cañete Teams Up with David Remo in ‘Just 4 Kids’

  1. Magaling yan si cha cha. Winner ng WCOPA at Sanay na rin sa hosting. Bata pa lang may sarili ng show iyan dati sa abs yung Biyaheng Bulilit.

  2. kapuso na si cha cha?
    na sa goin bulilit pa ba siya?

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