National Geographic’s ‘Science of Stupid’ Gets High Ratings on its Premiere

Starting with a big bang this April is a show that details the scientific principles behind the world’s most ridiculous stunts gone wrong—an apparent hit with Filipino viewers of National Geographic Channel (NGC) as it premiered on April 8, 2014 at 9 PM.

Science of Stupid

Science of Stupid was launched with a screening of three consecutive episodes plus an immediate replay, which rated highly non-stop for three hours and garnered a combined rating of 1.875 for adults aged 16-49. In short, everyone loved the show!

NGC considers the premiere of Science of Stupid its highest rated launch ever, with the show peaking at 0.531 (A16-49) for the first replay of the first episode and averaging at 0.315 (A16-49) over the three hours for a consistently strong performance. Females aged 16-24 also tuned into Science of Stupid in huge numbers, rating at 1.114 at the premiere’s peak.

Science of Stupid is hosted by Internet and TV sensation Ramon Bautista, whose humor is the perfect antidote to the humiliation and pain experienced by the wannabe daredevils featured on the show. Bautista serves as a witty and engaging guide through this wacky world of wipeouts, epic failure and painful realizations so viewers can learn the scientific principles that govern our physical world and sometimes foil the ambitions of amateur stuntmen.

Online reactions to Science of Stupid were overwhelmingly positive, with the show trending on Twitter on the day of the launch and Bautista being inundated with kudos through his personal social media accounts. IWC Media (@IWC_Media), the company that produced the show for NGC, even gave a shoutout for the show’s success online in the Philippines, tweeting “Congrats to #ScienceofStupid in the Philippines – top trend after the 3-ep series premiere with the great @ramonbautista! Hello from the UK!”

Science of Stupid is a 14-part series that explains why stunts go wrong when amateurs try to copy them. Each episode examines stunt videos with disastrous endings and explains in scientific terms what factors caused the stunts to fail. Catch Science of Stupid hosted Ramon Bautista every Tuesday at 9 PM, exclusively on National Geographic Channel!

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  1. galitsatalangka // April 16, 2014 at 7:33 pm //

    EVOLUTION theory is the science of stupid!

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