Pat and Ralph Love Team Brewing in ‘Biggest Loser Doubles’

As the transformation of the contestants in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” continues, two of them have turned to each other for inspiration.


Ralph recently admitted that he likes Pat and finds her determination her most attractive characteristic. The two have been frequently seen together and have become noticeably closer to each other after teaming up in various workout sessions.

“I feel this connection with Ralph, who, according to (his brother) Christian, is not talkative and doesn’t have so many friends. The mere fact that he was the one who opened up to me makes me glad. It feels good that some people here in the camp find me special because I haven’t felt that for a long time,” said Pat.

Their budding romance even takes an interesting turn when Pat meets Ralph’s mother, and Ralph meets Pat’s father, actor William Martinez in their upcoming dance competition.

The exciting dance-off, meanwhile, split the ‘bigating doubles’ into hiphop and ballroom groups, with only one pair declared the winner in each category.

While they needed to perform under intense pressure in their dance-off, nothing would be as nerve-wracking as the upcoming competitive weigh-in that happens at the end of the week. Which pair will be the next to leave the “Biggest Loser” camp?

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