Joey de Leon Leads the Cast of TV5’s New Sitcom ‘One of the Boys’

After 7 long years, veteran actor and comedian Joey de Leon finally makes his much-awaited comeback to the sitcom genre as he top-bills TV5’s upcoming primetime offering, One of the Boys, which will air in March.


Joey has hosted a number of TV5 programs, including the reality show Hayop sa Galing, the game show Game ‘N Go, and the longest running gag show in the country, Wow Mali Pa Rin, which is also directed by One of the Boys director Robert Quebral.

TV5’s Business Unit Head of One of the Boys, JoAnn Bañaga, shares, “This is the first time I have worked with Joey de Leon, and I, together with whole cast and crew, am just amazed at his passion for humor. Joey’s fans will definitely be happy to see him finally back in a sitcom after a long respite.”

In One of the Boys, Joey plays Daddy Jerry or ‘DJ’, the father figure of the whole cast. As DJ, he will be reintroducing family values unique to the Filipino culture, which adds a whole new element to the sitcom that is not found in other television programs nowadays.

Aside from Joey, the show parades a unique mix of cast members that will surely add to the funny antics viewers can expect in the show, with TV5 drama princess Eula Caballero, the five Brinoy hunks who compose the popular group Juan Direction—Daniel Marsh, Henry Edwards, Charlie Sutcliffe, Brian Wilson and Michael McDonnell—and Joey’s sidekick on the show, Empoy.

Also joining TV5’s new weekly program are Kapatid stars Nadine Samonte, Artista Academy’s Benjo Leonico and other surprise weekly guest comedians.

TV5’s JoAnn Bañaga also discloses, “We definitely have a lot of new faces in the show, and for some of them, this is actually their first foray into the comedy genre, like Juan Direction and Nadine Samonte, but you will see that the whole cast really clicks, and this is mainly because of Joey de Leon. For these younger actors, every taping is like a priceless crash course to acting and comedy with Joey, and they really do enjoy and cherish it. Ultimately, Joey is the anchor of One of the Boys, and you can really tell that in more ways than one, he is the father of this whole cast.”

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    Parang Sino ka naman Mr.Joey de Leon….
    Si Lord na bahala sa iyo……
    Ikaw din darating din ang tamang panahon…..

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    its nice movies

  3. ano na naman yan?!!

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