Bench ‘Live Life with Flavor’ Posters

Bench signals a tasty start to Summer 2014 with the release of its much-awaited posters, banners, print ads and billboards for the sunny season. Check it out!


Bench’s newly re-energized blogsite B/Blog said it right; from ice cream to eye candies, Bench is warming our appetites for a tasty season ahead. Bright colored denims, zesty graphic prints, and other striking designs are taking center stage, or center beach rather, as Bench released it’s 2014 Summer campaign: Live Life with Flavor.

First up, quite expectedly are the men. Here are your boys of summer!

Piolo Bench

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  1. merecar pobadora // February 25, 2014 at 4:32 pm //

    i just want to watch all bench m0del

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