‘My Puhunan’ Features Success Story of Kapampangan Food Magnate

Karen Davila shares the success story of entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Nelly Co, the brainchild of “Pampanga’s famous buko pandan salad,” this Wednesday (Feb 19) in “My Puhunan.”


In 1994, Nelly, a former store cashier, only had an initial capital of P2,000 to start her little business in their family garage. What started out as a garage-based business is now called Nathaniel’s Food Corporation, which produces 500 boxes of frozen buko pandan salad daily and serves merienda, desserts, and rice meals at its 10 restaurant branches.

Doris Bigornia, meanwhile, features in “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (Feb 18) the unique love story of couple Riza and Joel, who discovered that not only their hearts were a perfect match for each other.

Riza was 26 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney disease and found out she needed a kidney transplant. Even though her friends and relatives were willing to donate one of their kidneys to save Rizza’s life, none of them were compatible with hers. She soon met and fell in love with Joel, who would do everything for Rizza. After undergoing several tests, they found out that their kidneys were a “perfect match.”

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