Ellona Santiago – ‘Burn’ – The X Factor USA

Pinay singer Ellona Santiago sang Ellie Goulding's "Burn" during the Top 10 battle in The X Factor USA. She made it through the next round.


Ellona takes a not so popular song this time after getting mixed comments from the judges last week for singing Whitney Houston’s “Dance with Somebody.”

Demi Lovato said “You’re voice is so big for your little body.”

Kelly Rowland “I’m so happy you gave me Minogue!”

Paulina Rubio said “You’re my favorite. Don’t worry about dancing that much.”

Simon Cowell said “You are a brilliant performer. Whatever you’re asked to do, you get along with it. However,I don’t know who you are yet. My suggestion is, forgive me Demi, next week, you do what you want to do because at the moment you’re like a dancing/singing puppet. And I think you’re better than that.”

Watch Ellona’s performance here:

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