Santiago’s Secret Revealed to Mercedes

Mercedes (Jessy Mendiola) finally discovered the truth about Santiago’s (Ariel Rivera) identity and how he ruined her family years ago in the primetime series “Maria Mercedes.”


In Mercedes and Santiago’s private engagement party, Magnolia (Vina Morales) came to her daughter’s rescue and revealed that Santiago was the man who took advantage of her way back in the province when she was in dire need to save Andres’s (Yogo Singh) life. Aside from this, Mercedes also found out that Santiago is the uncle of her ex-boyfriend Luis (Jake Cuenca). How will this revelation affect Mercedes’ decision to marry Santiago? What awaits the Alegre family now? Will Mercedes and Guillermo (Marx Topacio) finally forgive Magnolia? How will Mercedes take all of these? Don’t miss “Maria Mercedes” weeknights after “Got to Believe” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For updates, follow @MariaMercedesPH on Twitter and like on Facebook. Tweet your thoughts about the show using the hashtag #MariaMercedes.

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