Madam Chairman Sharon Cuneta Calls on Pinoys to Vote Wisely (Video)

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is well imbibing her role as Elizabeth “Bebeth” de Guzman of TV5’s newest dramedy barangay-serye Madam Chairman as she encourages Filipinos to participate and vote wisely in the upcoming Barangay elections on October 28.

Madam Chairman

True to her role as the Barangay Chairperson or Madam Chairman of Barangay Sta. Clara in the TV5 primetime series, the Megastar understands fully how important it is for Pinoy voters to let their voice be heard in seating the next batch of public servants who will have the most impact in their day to day lives.

Since it premiered last October 14, Madam Chairman has been receiving positive reviews and good feedback on the show’s straightforward portrayal of the typical barangay milieu and how Sharon Cuneta’s transparent and bubbly personality fits her role to a T.

Madam Chairman is a show of many firsts in the history of Philippine TV. Not only is it the Megastar’s first-ever teleserye, it is also the first TV collaboration of two well-esteemed and highly acclaimed directors and creative geniuses of this generation – Joel Lamangan as director and Joey Reyes as headwriter.

Completing the Madam Chairman colourful smorgasbord of endearing characters are Jay Manalo, Bayani Agbayani, Ciara Sotto, Nanette Inventor, Malou De Guzman, Manny Castañeda, Glenda Kennedy, Fanny Serrano, Tony Mabesa, Jim Pebanco, Gilleth Sandico, Patani, Bearwin Meily, Toby Alejar, Byron Ortile, and Artista Academy alumni Akihiro Blanco and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz.

Madam Chairman airs Monday to Friday at 7:30pm as part of TV5’s “Everyday All the Way” primetime programming.

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  1. gaye and audie, before nyo pintasan ang megastar, tingnan nyo muna muka nyo sa salamin, muka kayong ADIK!!! KALOKA! kapal ng muka nyo pareho feeling maganda kayo eh pareho nman kayong super sa kapangitan bwuahahahaha!!!!

  2. @gaye I had a dream about u! yah, u just died!

  3. dear ate gaye, i don’t hate you. i just hope your next period happens in a shark tank.

  4. oo nga.. eh ang ganda na nga ng reviews at positive feedback…. bakit di na lang be happy for others at talagang isisingit pa ang ka bitter-an? akala mo naman kung sino kung makapanglait eh PG pala!

  5. isa pa itong is Audie … akala mo naman sumikat ka? if given a chance, baka hindi ka rin sumikat!

  6. Laos, talaga lang! eh ikaw ba Gaye Galiguez sumikat! kakahiya naman sa iyo!

  7. Anonymous // October 26, 2013 at 3:32 am //

    Be nice . Be happy for other people .

  8. tingnan mo nga yan itsura mo.nyahahaha pathetic

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