Viral Video: Blind Girl Singing ‘Wrecking Ball’ a YouTube Hit

A blind Filipino girl gives Miley Cyrus a run for her money after her YouTube video singing "Wrecking Ball" went viral on Wednesday.


“Wrecking Ball” is currently trending on Twitter because a video of a blind girl singing the Miley Cyrus ballad while reading the lyrics of the song on braille went viral on YouTube.

Uploaded by George Doton on October 23, the video already garnered 13,695 views on YouTube.

The blind girl was identified as Joyce, a grade 5 pupil from Brgy. Luzon in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental.

Attention Ellen DeGeneres!

Watch the video here:


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  1. Sad to say that the original uploader didn’t get more hits. George Doton and others are just re-uploaders.

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