‘Genesis’ Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Videos

"Genesis," the ground-breaking new Kapuso series, took the audience on an emotional ride towards a new beginning during its pilot last Monday. If you missed the first two episodes, here's a recap so you can catch up on the show's story.

Genesis Recap

Dingdong Dantes portrays Isaak Macalintal, a morally upright military man who is entrusted with the welfare and safety of the country’s vice-president.

The story of “Genesis” begins when a series of cataclysmic events happen in Baguio City during the celebration of the annual “Panagbengga Festival.” The festive occasion turned tragic when an asteroid hit the city, followed by a powerful earthquake and several landslides.

In the middle of the chaos, Isaak saves the vice president’s daughter Sandra (Ms. Lorna Tolentino) and takes her to the presidential chopper. He then returns to ground zero to rescue the vice president. However, the president, Ramona (Jackie Lou Blanco), orders the immediate take off of the chopper even if the vice president is still in grave danger.

Isaak finds the vice president, hanging on to the ground at the edge of a wide and deep crack on the ground which resulted from the earthquake. He desperately tries to save him but it was too late. The incident leaves Isaak devastated and feeling dishonored because he failed in his mission.

When Isaak returned home, he finds out that his parents perished in the disaster and his fiancée, Raquel (Rhian Ramos) was the only one who survived among his loved ones.

Genesis Dong Rhian

As the days go by, Isaak continues to mourn the death of the people dear to him. Aware of the danger that comes with it, Raquel convinces Isaak to quit his job. She wants them to get married and start life anew in their quiet hometown.

Back in the country’s capital, Sandra still doesn’t know that his father’s death was partly due to President Ramona’s decision. She and Isaak are both unaware that Ramona had wanted the vice president killed because he was a roadblock to her political career.

Ramona knows that the vice president’s blood is on her hands and she wants to pass the blame to someone else. She is well aware that her political ambitions could be over once someone finds out what she has done. Someone should answer for the vice president’s death and that someone is definitely not her. And so, she devices a plan which will incriminate the slain politician’s security detail, Isaak.

Being a military man, Isaak’s case was unjustly tried in a military court martial. Soon, a verdict is reached and the court finds Isaak guilty of not performing his duty. Consequently, he is sentenced to life imprisonment. Later on, the president announces that Isaak died in prison. This of course, isn’t true.

Thinking that the love of her life is dead, Raquel tries to move on and later marries Paolo (TJ Trinidad) who promises to give her and her baby a better life.

Seven years later, Sandra runs for the presidency and wins the race. But right after her inauguration, she immediately faces a very big problem which involves not only her country but the rest of the world as well. She discovers that the world is about to end and realizes that what happened seven years ago in Baguio (which killed his dad) was a warning sign of the imminent doom.

Thankfully, the governments of the world have come up with a plan to save mankind – but not all of it. In light of the impending destruction of the Earth, the unified governments roll out “Operation: Genesis,” a modern-day Noah’s Ark type of plan wherein selected people from every country of the world will be whisked in a spaceship to a different and much safer world in the hope of propagating the human race once more. In order to preserve only the best human genes, only those who are in very good health condition will be eligible for “salvation” via “Operation: Genesis.”

Sandra, being the president of the Philippines, must quickly assign someone to scour the country for potential candidates, and she knows who has both the agility and courage to do the job — Isaak. She discovers that Isaak is still alive in prison and so he gives him presidential pardon and offers him the Herculean mission. In return for the favor, Isaak is assured by the president that he and Raquel can come along.

In the course of doing his job, Isaak crosses path with Raquel and finds out that she is already married to Paolo and has a daughter, 7-year old Osie. Through her innocence and charm, Osie unwittingly brings back the hope and optimism in the heart and mind of Isaak. His years of imprisonment have hardened his heart and made him cynical about life. Isaak later finds out that Osie is not Paolo’s daughter but his. Apparently, he had impregnated Raquel before he was thrown into prison.

In his search, Isaak meets different people from different parts of the country. He realizes that in the midst of destruction, love is the greatest salvation and that when chaos strikes, love will be their greatest strength.

Genesis Recap 2

While “Operation: Genesis” seems promising, will it be successful in guaranteeing the future of humanity? Will Isaak be able to find all of those who are on the list? Will he be able to save himself, Raquel and their daughter Osie not only from the impending apocalypse but from Paolo who will do everything to keep Raquel away from Isaak? Could Sandra do something to save as many people as possible? Could she save her own family from her archrival Ramona?

Aside from Dingdong, Rhian and Lorna, other cast-members include TJ Trinidad, Jackielou Blanco, Ronnie Henares, Carlo Gonzales, Irma Adlawan, Betong Sumaya, Luane Dy, Sasha Baldoza, Annette Samin, Rainier Gison, and special participation of Robert Arevalo, Bembol Roco, Gardo Versoza, Snooky Serna, Shamaine Centenera, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Angel Aquino, Pauleen Luna, Lauren Young, Lito Legaspi and Laurice Guillen.

Helmed by directors Bb. Joyce Bernal and Mark Reyes, “Genesis” airs weeknights after “24 Oras” on GMA-7.

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    I love GMA FOREVER… From California USA.

  3. We keep watching Genesis in California. Beautiful and talented team-up of Dingdong and Rhian. The casts are all very good actors. Of course Directors Joyce and Maryo are great. The story is powerful and with substance. Not a typical, predictable and boring TV series.The special effects are getting better. Good job GMA Pinoy TV. Ignore the haters, they need to see outside the box and grow-up.

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