Megan Young Cries for Help

Though busy for this Saturday’s coronation night of the Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia, Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young made it a point to care for her people back her in the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Miss World Philippines' Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Miss World Philippines’ Facebook Page

On Monday, September 23, she appealed for help for the people of her native Olongapo City, which was placed under a state of calamity due to floods.

Young posted a photo of a flooded Olongapo Public Market on the Miss World 2013 Philippines Facebook page Monday afternoon.

Megan uploaded this photo of her flooded hometown

Megan uploaded this photo of her flooded hometown

“This is what is happening RIGHT NOW in my hometown in the Philippines. This is the public market and it is nearly submerged. If this is underwater, what more the houses nearby? Please help my friends and neighbors by voicing out to the rescue team to save those whose houses are underwater. Please collect as many old clothes as you can. Their food and water are probably all gone and they need that the most.”


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  1. rod from Ilocos Norte // September 26, 2013 at 9:02 am //

    ang tao ay may puso at utak. Sino ang walang damdamin sa mga biktima kung may sakuna?

  2. oo nga.

  3. Miss World 2013 Top Model 10 Finalists:
    – Ukraine
    – South Sudan
    – Brazil
    – France
    – Philippines
    – Cameroon
    – England
    – Cyprus
    – Italy
    – United States

  4. Nung dito sya sa Pinas wala namang syang dramang ganyan. LOL.

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