Atom Araullo Taclkes Psychic Evidence in Criminal Investigations

Broadcast journalist Atom Araullo probes how psychic evidence helped find leads in solving criminal cases this Friday (Sep 20) in “Hiwaga.”

Mang Caring only used his abilities to heal as an albularyo, but he never thought that he would use it to find justice especially after the police asked for his help to solve a murder in Cavite.

The case of a missing gold miner was also aided by psychic intervention after its details was relayed through the possession of a distant friend.

But can supposed voices from the other side really point investigations to the right direction? Or are these “psychic clues” only the result of keen observation that the police missed out on?
Don’t miss “Hiwaga” this Friday (Sep 20), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

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