One Minute Movie Review: ‘Quick Change’

"Quick Change" is a new breed entry in the 2013 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival starring Jun-Jun Quintana, Miggstonton Cuaderno and introducing Mimi Juareza.

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Main Cast: Mimi Juareza, Junjun Quintana, Miggs Cuaderno
Supporting Cast: Natashia Yumi, Felipe Martinez, John Relucio, Giggle Esmeralda, Francine Garcia, Rolando Inocencio
Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr.
Genre: Dramedy
Released by: Cinemalaya
MTRCB Rating: R-18

Synopsis: Dorina believes she is a lady incarcerated inside a male body. She’s got herself a flourishing career, albeit in an illegal cosmetic surgery business. She is a mother figure to Hero, her eight year old nephew. She acts as a devoted wife to Uno. Between her job and her family, Dorina feels that she is one lucky woman. Until Uno falls in love with another tranny (transvestite).

The Positive: “Quick Change” is funny in spots and sensitive in others. Its edgy theme will take you to the world of Filipino transvestites–their obsession to beauty and their complicated lifestyle.

The director (Roy) effectively conveyed the social relevance of the film in such a natural flow.

Aside from revealing their private parts, Mimi Juareza and Junjun Quintana are both revelation when it comes to acting.

The Negative: It has a simple premise that you can actually tell its story in a short film.

Quality: 3 stars

Entertainment: 4.5 stars


“Quick Change” Trailer:

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