‘Home Along Da Riles’ Airs on Jeepney TV as Part of its Month-Long Tribute to Dolphy

Jeepney TV’s month-long tribute to Dolphy, The King of Comedy, continues this week with back-to-back episodes of one of the most popular favorite teleseryes in the country, “Home Along Da Riles”.


First up with be the “Best of Fantasy” episode, where the bizarre yet fantastic things that the Kosme family experienced are retold. From saving Snow White to adopting a monster child, none of the silly family’s experiences can even come close to the fairy tales of old.

In the “Best of Musical” episode, the cast of “Home Along Da Riles” shows how each one of them is a natural performer as they go through the favorite musical numbers that their families and guests have enjoyed and performed over the years.

Relive the best of the past. Catch these two back-to-back episodes of “Home Along Da Riles” on Jeepney TV as they air this Thursday (July 11). Jeepney TV is available on SkyCable channel 9 and other leading cable systems nationwide. For more updates and programming schedules, like

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