Runmanila Releases Debut Single ‘Run’

Runmanila offers new sound in debut single "RUN," an Electro Pop Rock track, and eventually their own EP under Universal Records.

After years of working with Runmanila’s unique sound, band members Kevin Lim (Vocals, Sound Effects), Aaron Cruz (Programming, Guitars, Synthesizers), JR Jader (Electronics, Beats, Electro Drums) and Ignacio Cuyegkeng (Guitars, Synthesizers, Sound effects) is now ready to take their music to another level – by releasing their debut single RUN and eventually their own EP. The EP is produced by Universal Records.

RUN is a catchy, upbeat tune that perfectly describes the kind of music the band wants to offer to the public – in their own words, “we want to call it ElectroPopRock -where rock meets dance, head banging meets booty shaking, rock moves plus dance grooves.”

Runmanila brings in a new sound through rock guitar riffs and simple drum beats blended with electro synthesizers, drum machines, and four-on-the-floor beats.

RUN is available on and Itunes starting this Friday, June 21. Their EP will be available next month.






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