Sam Concepcion Named Newest MYX VJ

There seems to be nothing that Sam Concepcion could not do. He won a singing contest, topbilled numerous musical theater shows, starred in TV and movie projects – all these earned him adulation from fans. Now, he dabbles into a new field by being the newest MYX VJ.

Sam Concepcion

With his vast exposure in the music scene, Sam is definitely a shoo-in for the job. Sam is one of the homegrown artists of Universal Records, his record label for the past eight years. Sam has released three albums, which spawned hits like Forever Young, Even If, Happy, Kung Fu Fighting, Miss You, and Someone.

When asked how he feels about his new assignment, Sam quips, “this is entirely different from what I do usually being a singer. I only get to do these things when MYX asks me to be Celebrity MYX VJ, but now I get to do this for a longer time. It is exciting for me because, really, my core is music. I am glad that I was given this chance.”

With his humor and gift of gab, Sam intends to reach out to the younger market and encourage them to support the music industry, most especially OPM.

Sam is set to release his fourth album under Universal Records, which promises to present the new SAM.

You can watch Sam on MYX in the Wednesday edition of MYX Daily Top Ten and episodes of MYX Take 5, Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, and My MYX.

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