It’s All About Girl Power in ‘Sine Ko 5ingko’ this Week

Before the country celebrates Mother’s Day this coming Sunday (May 12), TV5’s Sine Ko 5ingko showcases awesome action flicks featuring some of Hollywood’s most sought-after female stars in line with the premiere of its newest pampamilyang fantaserye, "Cassandra: Warrior Angel." On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Pinoy TV viewers can expect a major dose of girl power at 7:45PM.

Charlies Angels

The week begins with Angelina Jolie playing the titular video game heroine in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In the film, she races against time and treacherous villains as she retrieves priceless artifacts in different parts of the world. James Bond himself, actor Daniel Craig, joins Jolie in the action-packed flick, which also stars veteran actor (and Jolie patriarch) Jon Voight.

On Tuesday (May 7), TV phenomenon-turned-big screen blockbuster Charlie’s Angels hits Pinoy primetime. The wacky trio of Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Natalie (Cameron Diaz) and Alex (Lucy Liu) are out to save the day as a sinister computer genius threatens the life of their boss (voiced by the show’s original Charlie, John Forsythe).

Viewers can also expect extraordinary excitement as the PBA games being broadcast on TV5 on Wednesday and Friday night. On Thursday, Oscar® winner Natalie Portman bears witness to social injustice and eventually becomes the champion for democracy in the futuristic tale V for Vendetta. Hugo Weaving, more popularly known as Agent Smith in The Matrix Trilogy, also gives a rousing performance as the shadowy lead V despite his mask.

So this week, enjoy Sine Ko 5ingko’s line-up of fierce female flicks guaranteed to enliven the usual primetime fare. Catch these sure-fire hits at 7:45PM only on TV5.

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