Bryant Tadeo – ‘New York State of Mind’ – American Idol 12 Sudden Death (Video)

Fil-Am Bryant Tadeo performed Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" on American Idol 12 Las Vegas round and received standing ovation from the audience. However, 3 of the judges didn't like him.

Bryant Tadeo Las Vegas

Yesterday, it was understandable that Fil-Am Jett Hermano was eliminated during the third batch of Las Vegas “Sudden Death” round on American Idol. There were many girls who performed very well.

Today, the last of the three Pinoys in AI semis–Bryant Tadeo–performed a “sweep-off-your-feet” rendition of “New York State of Mind” and only Keith Urban made sense on his critique as Randy, Nicki and Mariah were kinda not feeling him.

And if you watch all the other contestants who performed on this round, you will see that Bryant deserves to move on to the next round because of his beautiful tone and he connected with the audience.

Judges Thoughts:

Keith Urban said “You have a beautiful voice and I think that was a really really good song for you and I think you handled it really really well, and the fact that everybody got up on their feet, it says you had a connection.”

Nicki Minaj said “I loved that last note that you did, the falsetto and the runs, the rips…but I did not like anything else.”

Randy Jackson said “I loved the beginning but I was waiting for it to go somewhere by the end. You never quite whipped it for me.”

Mariah Carey said “The tonality of your voice was beautiful. There were couple of moments that you got lost.”

In the end, Bryant was sent home.

Watch Bryant’s performance here:

Bryant LV Performance

Video courtesy of IdolxMuzic

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