Bea Alonzo and Julia Montes Share Their Touching Stories as Family Breadwinners

ABS-CBN’s trending showbiz talk show "Showbiz InsideReport" will share this Saturday (February 16) the touching stories of Kapamilya leading ladies Bea Alonzo and Julia Montes who both worked at an early age to become their families’ breadwinners.

Bea Alonzo and Julia Montes

In an exclusive report of “SIR,” learn where Bea and Julia got the courage to enter the grueling world of showbiz for the sake of their loved ones. What were Bea and Julia’s sacrifices just to provide for their families’ needs? Is there anything they are regretful about since they took the responsibility of being breadwinners?

Meanwhile, “SIR” will also feature the solid friendship of Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford, who both became the strength of each other in the different phases of their lives. What there any incident that put their friendship to test? Was there ever a time that they fought over one girl?

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