‘Hayop sa Galing’ Features Footages of Animal Attacks this Saturday

While some animals may be gentle, others show off their fangs when provoked by humans—-just like the animals featured in this Saturday (February 9)’s episode of Hayop sa Galing at 8PM on TV5. The show also has footage of a normally gentle elephant attacking its caretaker. Another video shows a python suddenly biting its master.


While animals can get gentle one minute and furious the next, some animals tend to be naughty when strangers invade their comfort zone—like an octopus that coiled around a deep sea diver, and a shark that pulled down a boat with a fisherman onboard. Meanwhile, cheer for a brave man as he swims in a lake surrounded by wild baboons to save a monkey that cannot swim.

Joining host and master pranker Joey de Leon in this week’s animal trivia game are Jeepney Jackpot hosts Valeen Montenegro and Sexy Saida. Catch the amazing footage while learning more about the animal kingdom this Saturday night (February 9) at 8PM on Hayop sa Galing.


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